Great Barbeque Accessories to Own This Summer

Ready to throw a fun and memorable barbeque this summer? Then don’t forget the accessories below that will make barbequing completely pain-free:

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Cool Barbecue Aprons

There’s no barbequing without an apron, not unless you don’t mind ruining your good clothes. Make the barbequing extra fun this summer by getting a cool barbeque apron with a funny slogan. These make great gifts as well. In addition to being super cool, get a barbeque apron that is rather easy to clean as well.

Weber Chimney Starter

Love traditional barbequing on charcoal grills? While charcoal is great for prepping meats with smoky flavour, these grills can be a pain to light up. Instead of messing with lighter fluid, get a chimney starter, which is hailed as the best tool to light up charcoal grills. The Webster chimney starter, which holds about 80 briquettes, is one of the best starters around. You can get one in top quality for an affordable price from BBQ Melbourne online store.

Silicone Brushes for Basting

What’s wrong with nylon brushes? Many things. For starters, nylon brushes are not nearly as smooth as silicone brushes when it comes to basting. Silicone brushes can hold more volume and are much easier to clean as well. You can just pop one in the dishwasher. Silicone brushes don’t get damaged when you try to disinfect with hot water either. It’s in fact, one of the best barbeque accessories you can own this summer.

Wolf Claws

If you plan on barbequing large roast pork, then wolf claws are a must for neat and clean pulling. Actually, this handy accessory is great for other types of large roasts as well. If you want to lift massive turkey, chicken, or beef roasts, nothing will be more useful than wolf claws. Plus, these make some great salad tossers as well. Just make sure you buy a good pair of wolf claws made from solid material. The cheap ones with hollow backs are not nearly as great.

Upright Rib Rack

There are so many benefits of getting an upright rib rack instead of the traditional, compact rack. Upright rib racks essentially hold slabs upright, allowing better airflow between the meats. That means more smoke gets inside increasing the flavour of the meat. Traditional rib racks tend to hold meat pieces too close together, which end up being undercooked. Get a stainless steel upright rack for easy cleaning and more longevity.

PVC Grill Covers

Grill covers are necessary to protect the grill from insects and the elements when not in use. The problem with grill covers is that people usually buy cheap ones that fall apart in less than a year. Don’t spend money on vinyl or plastic grill covers this summer. Choose a solid plastic PVC grill cover that will last longer and will properly protect your grill.

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Want to add nuts or delicate veggies to your barbeque grill? Then a frogmat is the best way to go. Most nuts and veggies tend to stick to grates of traditional baskets or grill toppers. Everyone knows the pain of trying to grill small things that fall through the cracks. You can avoid all this trouble by choosing a frogmat, which is a wire mesh like grill top that can resist high heats and doesn’t cause sticking.

Get one or two of the above accessories to make your summer barbeque gatherings even greater.

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