Differentiating between Nutritional Intolerances and Food Allergies

Many of us have certain limitations when it comes to the consumption of food items. These can either be in the form of an allergic reaction or just a mere intolerance. Many might be asking the question themselves, how to identify which is which? The simple answer to this lies in the effects that they can have on a particular person. If it is an intolerance, then the person who consumed the food item will be able to tolerate smaller quantities without much of an issue. However, if it is an allergy then the person will not be able to tolerate even a bit of the item as he/she will be having uncontrollable reactions to it which can usually be quite severe.

Getting Professional Help

Since these conditions seemingly have common symptoms, sometimes it can be quite difficult to differentiate between the two. Learning which food items or nutrients will cause an allergic reaction in your body can surely be a difficult thing to uncover all by yourself. This is where you should get expert advice from a family doctor or consultant. He or she can aid you in identifying the food that you are allergic to and those that will merely cause intolerance. This is primarily done through tests on food allergies and these might require you to keep a diary related to the food items that you consume as well. Knowing the history of your family will also be quite helpful in this kind of situation.

Other Testing Methods

Nowadays, many medical services also provide thorough tests which will allow you to avoid the foods that might be harmful to you. Many of them even provide information about their services via online platforms so that you can educate yourself regarding the whole process. For instance, if you are a citizen of Australia, you could simply search for reliable food allergy testing Australia, and you will be able to find plenty of sites to help you out. These service centres will provide various testing methods ranging from diet elimination methods to skin tests, in order to accurately pick out the food or nutrients that might be harmful to you. The elimination method normally involves removing suspected items of food from your diet and gradually adding them back, one after the other, while being on the lookout for any sort of reaction. The skin tests are usually done by pricking the skin on your back or forearm which will allow small amounts of nutrients to enter your skin. If an immediate response like an itching or swelling occurs that will mean that you are surely allergic to that food item(s).

During these test, if you get any painful reactions, the relevant medical personnel will also have all the necessary creams and even injections that can alleviate them. Within our lifetime many of these reactions might slowly reduce when we grow older but some might be there throughout our entire life. These sorts of tests will allow you to avoid food that might cause allergies or intolerances in your body and to only consume what agrees with which will allow you to live a healthier life.

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