Tips for Barbequing in Winter

Who says grilling is only for the summer? When friends and family come over for the winter holidays, throwing a barbequing isn’t completely out of the question. Don’t let the cold weather stop you from throwing a great grilling party. Here are several tips for barbequing in cold weather:

Buy More Propane

If you are grilling with propane gas, be aware that the gas burns differently under low temperatures. Effectively, you will need more propane to do the same amount of grilling as you do in the summer. Make sure there’s extra fuel, unlike in the summer.

Use a Metal Hose

Use stainless steel gas hoses to connect the barbeque grill and other equipment to gas tanks. Metal hoses can withstand temperature extremes much better than other materials. There are other advantages too, such as higher fire safety levels and fitting configuration flexibility.

Use Ceramic Pots and Pans

Ceramic cookware heat better than stainless steel or other materials. If you want to keep your grilled meat warm longer, then use ceramic pots and pans. The material will insulate the food well and allow you to carry it to the dining table without getting completely cold along the way.

Set Up the Grill in a Wind-Free Area

One of the biggest challenges of winter is not just the cold, but also the high wind. Therefore, make sure you set up the grilling area in a place that’s not vulnerably to wind. You can cover the grilling equipment safely without posing a fire hazard. It’s best to just choose a place with tree or vegetation cover that the cold gusts cannot reach. However, make sure you don’t cook in an enclosed area as it would be too much of a fire hazard.

Use Thinner Cuts of Meat

Grilling in winter can take a toll when you have to spend more hours just cooking. Avoid an unnecessarily long barbeque by using smaller or thinner cuts of meat to grill. Check out the “quick cut” version of barbeque meats for the best results.

Don’t Use Your Snow Gloves

Don’t wear your regular winter gloves when barbequing. These fabric gloves will be at high risk of catching flames. Therefore, avoid a fire hazed by wearing heat-resistant gloves suitable for cooking.

Always Keep the Grill Warm

In the winter, some parts of the grill can end up frozen solid if you are not careful. Therefore, always keep the grill warm. It’s recommended to warm it up for several minutes longer than in the summer. Warming the grill slower is ideal because it allows the equipment to retain heat longer.

Don’t Try Open Grilling

Unless you plan on cooking for hours and using gallons of more fuel, don’t try open grilling in winter. To avoid losing heat, grill with the vents closed.

Expect Longer Cooking Times

Grilling in winter means literally battling the cold. Allow 10 to 20 minutes more cooking time in cold weather. For example, if you grill steak for 30 minutes in the summer, add at least 10 more minutes for the meat to cook in colder weather. Longer cooking times are absolutely necessary when the temperature dips below 10 degrees.

When you follow the above tips, grilling in winter would be a cakewalk.

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