Things to Complete Before Your Wedding Day

There is no doubt that planning a wedding is a stressful task; from ensuring that the bookings are made to constantly checking the tiniest details over and over again to make sure that everything is in perfect order. However, it must be understood that no matter how hard you try to ensure that everything is perfect; something or the other is bound to go wrong. Therefore, it is important to remember that you must keep calm and just go with the flow!

Organize a Rehearsal Dinner

Most people choose to skip the rehearsal dinner in an attempt to save a few bucks. However, you wouldn’t want to make your big day appear uncoordinated as a result of the main dinner table being unorganized, would you? Therefore, you might want to reserve a private dining area in a restaurant to host the rehearsal dinner. This way, you will also be aware of the speech that will be given by each individual who wishes to raise a toast and you can always be prepared for any secrets that may be revealed or ask the individual to avoid including them if it makes you uncomfortable.

Complete All Your Trial Sessions

It cannot be stressed how important it is to organize trial sessions with your hairstylist and makeup artist. You must spend a few hours trying out a number of hairs and makeup looks in order to decide on the final look that you will be choosing, so that you don’t waste time on the big day. Apart from this, you must ensure that you complete your final dress fittings at least a week in advance so that you do not encounter any last minute issues with the dress. It would be recommended to try staging a mock walk while wearing the dress and heels so that you can practice walking in the outfit before the big day and any issues can be resolved at this point.


This is probably the most important task that the bride must complete, yet most brides fail to take this into consideration. If you end up stressing throughout the wedding planning process, it is bound to take a toll on your health and will end up showing on your face on the big day, thus making you look dull and tired. Therefore, it would be recommended to indulge in a spa session and beauty treatment prior to the big day. This will help you feel rejuvenated and look radiant as you walk down the aisle and look like the stunning bride that you always dreamed of looking like.

As a bride, you will have hundreds of pending tasks that must be completed before your big day. So make sure you create a to-do list of all the things that need to be done. Set reminders for the essential appointments so that you do not forget any important details of the wedding. Apart from this, you can always use a helping hand in the form of your bridesmaids or family members.

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